Our Vision is to attack the diverse levels of domestic violence through the power of our healing and ultimately our voice. 

SuSu, is an non profit  organization with a platform that motivates women to become whole. SuSu invites dynamic speakers that provide practical and relevant resources and tools that help women to become rooted in self-care, strengthened in hope and ready to embark on a fulfilled life. SuSu offers a 6-component, on- on-one coaching program designed to help each woman internalize topics such as: Self- love, Coping, Healing, Growing, Moving Forward, and Forgiveness. Our Founder, Davisha Fredericks is a dynamic speaker and can be engaged to galvanize any audience with her true core powerful testimony. Participants and audience members will witness her passion, compassion and how devoted she is to the transformation and inspiration for women globally. You are guaranteed to walk away inspired and ready to act on a new beginning with an impacted purpose.